State Of The Art Ambulances

We pride ourselves on maintaining a fleet of ambulances, fully stocked, and ready at a moment’s notice.

….All to help you!

Radio Communication Systems

We use the latest state-of-the-art public safety radio communication systems to ensure that we can always answer the call for help.

….All to help you!

The Best Equipment

We spare no expense ensuring that our volunteers have the best equipment available to save lives and provide the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care.

….All to help you!

Life Saving Medications

We carry life-saving medications, and ensure that our volunteers stay up-to-date with all emerging treatment guidelines and protocols

….All to help you!

  • "If it weren't for Hatzolah, my son would not be alive today"

  • "I wanted to refuse transport to the hospital. B"H they convinced me to go in.  The hospital found that the main artery of my heart was greater than 95% blocked.  Had I danced at my daughter's wedding the next week without having gone in, I would have had a heart attack right at the wedding"

  • "When the people that my father davens with walked into the room, I knew that everything would be okay"